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Our Mission

Here at RSC, we are committed to sharing railroad safety and training procedures with clients across North America. We offer our services to class one railroads, local industry switching, mom and pop operations and short lines alike. With our market-competitive rates and top-notch expertise, we educate, train and implement safe railroad operating practices across the country! We have several pre-formatted packages to choose from or a completely customizable training session to fit the needs of our clients.

Railway Safety Consultants LLC is a new type of business. We are here to usher in the first of its kind training. Our purpose is to establish a new type of workforce. A workforce that employers will be itching to have! RSC will instill only the best and safest practices to our clients' workforce. Our team of professionals has successfully put together the safest practices by bringing together the best from NORAC and GCOR rules. We offer new hire training so that these mindsets can be established at inception as well as corrective training to an already established workforce. To us, safety isn't a responsibility, it's a way of life. 

We proudly offer THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE LIST OF SAFETY AND TRAINING COURSES, the best in industry experiences and affordable quality safety enhancement for major companies down to individuals. Our professionalism is unparalleled and can be offered with on-site training (where we come to you).

Where We Operate

Over the years, Railway Safety Consultants has been servicing The United States, Canada, The Carribean and Mexico. We proudly offer our services to a variety of class I, II, III and private industry railroads. Our safety and training classes can be offered in English, Spanish and French along with our training material as well!

With our offices located in Houston, Texas and Raleigh, North Carolina, we are always always just a phone call away! Let Railway Safety Consultants LLC be the guide to your railway safety and training needs. With so many companies and the US Military turning to RSC for safety and training, you too can be sure to expect best in class safety training for your rail operations. 

RSC boasts the most effective and efficient railway training and operational evaluations for our clients. We help guide our clients through their growing pains, and we ensure a quality railway programme as the end result.  RSC is proud to work and liaise with the FRA (United States) and with CTA / Transport Canada (Canada) as well. RSC will help our clients to fall in line with regulatory compliance standards set forth by not only its shareholders but the applicable agencies as well! Feel free to ask any questions that you may feel could benefit your company. Please send inquiries to

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