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Stay Industry Compliant with Railroad Safety Evaluations

No matter if you are running a family owned railroad company or a large-scale freight carrier, you are ultimately responsible for handling and caring for your workers and equipment. Likewise, you should give the safety of your workforce its due diligence. RSC performs railroad safety evaluations along with many other turn key services, to help you ensure that your assets do not become your liabilities.

Our organization is committed to providing companies with the best possible railroad safety programs to ensure they meet regulatory compliance standards. It’s crucial that we promote only the most effective and safe railroad operating practices to make sure that everyone involved in the transportation industry from contractors to rail specific employees stay safe. To us, maintaining every party’s safety isn’t just a responsibility -- it’s a necessity.

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 Take a proactive approach to preventable issues

Many costs go into maintaining your railroad company. Eventually, those costs will add up over time, but expenditures you don’t want happening are derailments. Derailments caused by equipment issues can cost your company upwards of $20,000. Additionally, damages related to other equipment such as rail repairs, switch replacements, locomotive repairs, or lost customer products can cost your company between $45,000 and over $1 Million.

Your employees are required to undergo all railroad gear training and learn the best practices to keep your company code compliant. If they aren’t up-to-date on their required safety training, you could be held liable for any damage caused to them and their property. Alternatively, you could also be fined by the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) for failing to follow safe railroad operating practices, such as not correctly inspecting the equipment, incorrectly built trains, and even for using your cell phone while working on the railroad.

Recently, the FRA has begun enforcing railroad safety regulations, leading to some of the highest civil penalty collections (Read More) in the agency’s 50-year history. With our railway safety consultants by your side, you will have peace of mind knowing that your company complies with all OSHA, FRA, General Code Of Operating Rules (GCOR) and Northeast Operating Rules Advisory Committee (NORAC) standards.


Our Process for Ensuring Safety

If your operations are currently in practice, we begin by evaluating your employees in action. Our team will assess the level of safety based on our railroad safety evaluations grading scale. If no current rail operations are taking place, we will initiate and implement one of our railroad safety programs to establish a baseline.

Upon evaluation, we will sit down with you and offer a package of training courses that will best suit your operations and ensure your company meets all the necessary safety standards. Our management training courses help keep your employees’ minds focused on safety. Trust us to put together a team of professionals that is tailored to your employees’ needs. With this program, your employees can utilize their best safety practices after they’ve completed our coursework.

Contact our railroad safety training company to improve the abilities of your workforce.

Turn Key Solutions            
RSC offers so many different Turn Key Solutions for your operations. Whether you have a family owned operation or a international scale operation, we have cost effective and customized solutions for your program!

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A few of the most popular Turn Key Solutions are:
  • New Hire Programs
  • Safety Management Programs
  • Rail Safety Audit Programs
  • Handbook and Standard Operating Procedures
  • Site Security and Safety Action Planning