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Complete Railroad Safety Training

When it matters most, the right knowledge can save lives. At Railway Safety Consultants, we commit to keeping you on the leading edge when it comes to protection against the potential dangers of an accident. Our railroad safety training, helps you avoid:

Liability Concerns

Property Damage

Employee Injury

Employing only the best subject matter experts, we empower you to operate without worry and take the proper precautions for your situation. No matter your team’s experience or background, it never hurts to be safer and our safety training for makes the difference when reputations, property, and lives are on the line.  


Operations we handle:


  • Freight
  • Passenger
  • Class 1
  • Class 2
  • Class 3
  • Military
  • Over 400,000 Man hours
  • Under 400,000 Man Hours


  • Transload
  • Terminals
  • Ports
  • Plants
  • Military Installation
  • Switching Operations
  • Intermodal Sites
  • Repair shops
  • Industry / Customer
  • Locals

Training for Top Professionals

In our training, we discuss a host of topics that are extremely important to keep your employees safe while performing their daily tasks. With both packaged and non-exhaustive courses, you can get exactly what your team needs to succeed. Our safety training for engineers tailors each topic to key design needs, while our safety training for switchmen includes information on keeping continuous operations running smoothly.

In addition, we provide a thorough Management Training Program that gives you the skills to self-manage without help from our consultants. With our knowledge and your commitment, we will work together to build a better and safer future for our industry.


We strive to equip every team we serve with well-rounded information on safety. Just some of the topics we cover are:

Safety Training
Track Inspections
Operations Training
Accident / Incedent Investigations
Temporary Staffing
Management Training
Expert Witness

Safety Training

RSC is proud to offer Safety Training for Railway Employees! This training allows the hiring company to set and utilize their company culture into an RSC led training. Our instructors will visit your company site and will carry out which ever applicable training for your workforce whenever you need. Our instructors are powerful industry leaders with expansive backgrounds in their respective fields. Let RSC take care of all your railway training requirements and give yourself a workforce that you can always rely on to get the job done safely and efficiently.

Operations Training

Ok, so you have a bunch a employees ready to work. We know they are safe, because they went through their RSC safety training, but how do we get them to apply, build upon and implement their efficiency? SIMPLE! Let our instructors walk right next to your employees and be there to answer all their questions, offer suggestions and recommendations and help them to learn how to read their switch lists! Our instructors can remain on site for up to 3 months at a time! This route, will ensure that your workforce knows what to do, how to do it and how to keep your company culture alive.


Let RSC help your operations get in and stay in compliance! Did you know there are over 10 different agencies that have oversight of different rail operations? That’s a lot to keep up with. Railway Safety Consultants is the perfect medium to help your operations sort through what is needed vs what is not. We also help your company by writing and submitting compliance programs such the FRA’s 243, DOT’s 49 CFR 171 and many more! We even do site specifics for intra plant facilities.


Just as we have always been known for, RSC started from a small consulting firm, into the industry giant it is today! Our consultants are not just industry experts, but industry professionals as well. We have many different types of subjects that we consult on, so that our clients can grow their rail business. We have a robust network of partners and channels that we can help pair our clients together with so that a win-win program can be born!

Accident / Incident Investigations

Having been a part of more than 100 derailment investigations across North America, RSC can either lead your incident investigation, or we can simply facilitate your investigation. Whether the incident happened on a military installation, inside a chemical plant, or on the mainline, RSC has the ability to lead from all fronts. Having years of multi national railway experience, our teams can identify the Root cause, the lessons learned, the preventable measures and the reporting to go with it. RSC can respond to an incident anywhere in the United States within 12 hours of notification if needed.

Expert Witness

RSC employees have more than just hands on training. Out team members have the knowledge that keeps this industry running as well! We can serve as your expert witness to either party as an unbiassed Subject Matter Expert, so that your client or your company can be treated fairly.


Do you need equipment, track rights, man-power, technology? If so, Let RSC safely and securely handle your company needs. We assist our clients with acquiring the tools they need, when they need them. We can work with both, percentage and arbitrage deals. Ask about our flat 5!

Temp Staffing

With access to our rail workers data base, RSC can supply your operations with the man power it needs. Let us provide you with the safe and efficient work force that you are searching for.


Railway Safety Consultants is known industry wide for our thoroughness and professionalism. Let RSC come to your site to properly evaluate your operations. Our reports are unmatched with pictures, information, details, grades, probabilities, predicted courses, data and behavioral trending and much more. We offer the most in depth evaluations by picking apart your operations and building you up from there. Lets see how you stack up!

Track Inspections

Let our staff come out to your site and give you a thorough evaluation of your tracks to include a comprehensive report with pictures, details, measurements and all the need to know information about your current yard track conditions.

Management Training

Allow RSC the opportunity to help your management teams expand their knowledge of rail operations, rail safety, rail training and rail compliance. Our experts have the focus and attention to detail to shape your management teams into the best mediums between your workforce and your company.